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Jeudi 14 Juin
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Questions regarding electric go-kart are numerous and among them: does it go fast, can it run for a long time? The answer to those two questions is YES.

The performances of thermic go-karts are different if we talk about a 4-stroke 270cc or 390cc, 2 strokes 100cc or 125cc. In the same way, go karts operating with 48 or 72V, 200 or 500 Amps, with lead or lithium batteries will have different performances. One thing is clear: the handling is different. The batteries make the electric go-kart heavier than a thermic kart. The important torque at low revs allows quicker response after turns.

For renting business, the real advantage is the reduced cost of maintenance, much lower with latest electric go-karts. One important thing to note when you calculate your operating margin!

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- Mr Mérian, président of Sodikart, answer to our questions regarding the electric go-kart and its market (interview in French).
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- Ice Kart on the ice ring of Cholet, France: special nights are organised for individuals and corporate events at GLISSEO.
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- Rallye Jeunes FFSA 2007 : The first selections took place on the 19th and 20th of May in Epinal. As for the other 6 to comer, this regional selection used electric go-karts from Loisika.
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The video of the month: one of the 4 tracks in California

Agenda :

1st and 2nd of September 07 : 4th event of the FIA Alternative Energie cup in Magione, Italy.

15th and 16th of September 07 : Rallye Jeune FFSA 2007 in Grenoble, France.

16th of September 07 : 5th event of the FIA Alternative Energie in Franciacorta, Italy.

29th and 30th of September 07 : Rallye Jeune FFSA 2007 in Le Touquet, France.

20th and 21st of Octobre 07 : Rallye Jeune FFSA 2007 in Disneyland Resort Paris, France.

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