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Monday 30th of April
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Electric kart won a race against 2 stroke 125cc go-karts:
it occured on the kart track of Rioveggio (Bologna, North Italy) on March 18th. The organisation accepted that the go-kart from the E-Graf team entered the race but in last position on the starting grid. It finally came first!

Interview of Ricardo FALCI (Team manager)
Interview of Marco FALCI (Pilot)
Technical presentation of the go-kart

The videos have been realised by Electric Motor News which is the sole Italian TV program exclusively dedicated to the environmental friendly alternative vehicles, scooter, bikes, cars, bus, boats and innovative systems. Visit their website :

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- Electric go-kart on ice in Monaco: Like the year before, Loisika has been supplying entertainment during winter evenings on the ice ring installed on the sea port of Monaco!
To know more about it (video)

- Green Motorsport is continuing with its projects to highlight new technologies to the racing world and support the automotive industry with green fuel solutions.
To know more about it (videos)

The video of the month: Purpose built gokart track in Toronto

Agenda :

26-27th of May 07 : 2nd event of the FIA Alternative Energie cup in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

15th of July 07 : 3rd event of the FIA Alternative Energie cup in Fiorano, Italy.

1-2nd of September 07 : 4th event of the FIA Alternative Energie cup in Magione, Italy.

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