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Tuesday 2nd of January

With more than 10 manufacturers from 8 different nationalities, the offer of electric go-kart is expanding. AC or DC motor, 36, 48 or 72V current, lead or lithium batteries, technological choices are different from one manufacturer to the other. The applications also: competition with the FIA championship, rent, for events or teaching aid, the electric go-cart is not singular but diverse.

- Japan EV Fesival 2006: as every year since 1995, the Japanese club of electric vehicles organizes its annual event. The "ERK", Electric Racing Kart, is naturally on the agenda for competitions of speed or gymkhana.
To know more about it (photos et video)

- Mondial de l'automobile 2006: As for the previous event, an animation of electric go-carting was organized. In colaboration with EDF and the FFSA, the track was animated by the team of Loisika. The public could therefore discover the go-carts of last generation.
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- BIREL, world champion FIA: the team of ELETTRO RACING picks up a new world cup in the championship FIA "Alternative Energy".
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- The Go-cart club Ticino introduces more than 100 children to the electric go-cart.
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Novelty of the site:
You can now find numerous videos of electric go-carting on the Internet site of "You Tube". This site allows to put on-line videos, accessible via a keyword search. The members can also note videos, post comments and send messages. All the videos were resumed on the following page : /f/f_videos.htm
Do not hesitate to send us your videos!

Diary :

In March 29th - April 01st, 07 : EVER, International Show of the Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies, Monaco

In March, 07 (exact dates to be confirmed): challenge E-kart organized in Clermont-Ferrand

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