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kartelecWho are we?
We are two french fans of karting belonging to the same club, MM Kart 16 (site in French) who aim to ease the practice of such expensive sport as go-kart dureing events organised in a convivial atmosphere and respecting the sport spirit.
Having done part of our career with an electric motor manufacturer, we have been sensiblised to the interesting caracteristics of such propulsion.

What are our motivations?
We wish to share our taste for karting through the dicovery of electric gokarts. Different from its thermic cousin, the lectric gokart is clean, silencious, do no not have nasty smells and most interesting, can be adjusted to the experience of its pilote.

What are our objectives?
To gather on this web site all news related to electric gokart worldwide;
To participate in the development of electrical propulsion;
To ease the access to this new leasure;
To inform and create vocation for some persons to open tracks closer to city centers with such equipment;
To create an interaction on the technical level in order to increase todays caracteristics;
To raise awareness about manufacturers, tracks and driving schools that have already invested in such technology.

Why the electric gokart?
The first advantage of the electric gokart is its respectiveness to the environment, creating thus a very positive image of such propulsion. Indeed, there are no smell, no noice, and require little maintenance and can be fully protected.

For novice pilots, the other advantage of the electric gokart is to be fully adjustable. Within little seconds, one can adjust the maximal speed, modify acceleration.... All those points allows the pilots to be very confident.

Contrary to its thermic cousin, the electric gokart do not produce nocive gas. It is therefore perfect of indoor or even ice rings. It also allows to respect the thoughest environmental norms (scandinavian or german norms). It operates in silence and we can forecast tracks in city centers without any inconvenience for the neigbourhood.

Its caracteristics can lead new public to practice: children, women and collegues during after-work sessions or during conferences.

The electric gokart should therefore meet in the coming years a growing town public and therefore develop.