Gravitron in search of world record:

Gravitron, based in Great-Britain is looking for sponsors to beat several speed records.

record de vitesse

On Tuesday 24th of July 2001, Gravitron tested on the runway of Kemble Airport (Gloucestershire, England) a specialy designed gokart built to beat speed world record for an electrical vehicule under 500kg.

During that practice cession, the gokart reached a speed of 135 mph or approximatively 215 km/h!

The gokart weights approximatively 250 kg with a pilot of 60 kg. It is propulsed by two Gravitron LAAA4002 engines and two controllers HE DATA 1000. The voltage is 60V and the power is during practice of 100 cv. The energy is storaged in 10 Optima batteries.

record mondial en kart

In Parallel, Gravitron is looking forward to beat the speed world record for a land vehicule. Speeds over 450 km/h are expected.