Slick and Speedy GK2G Electric Go-Kart Folds in Half!






Since most of us never realized our 4th grade aspirations of procuring a go-kart, now is the perfect time to revive those lost childhood dreams with Beau Reid‘s latest design: the super fast, foldable GK2G. In lieu of the conventional (and totally passé) gasoline go-kart engines, this carbon framed hot-rod is entirely battery powered, and of course, boasts zero emissions.

Beau designs go-kart GK2G beaureid

Playing off of its hyper-portability, the Go-Kart 2 Go is appropriately named after its carbon fiber body that weighs in at an extraordinarily low weight of 65 pounds. Its feather-light, formula one-like structure coupled with a lithium-ion electric engine gives this thing a top speed of 60mph – definitely not your run of the mill go-kart. Designed to fit in the trunk of your car, the GK2G folds in half thanks to an easily removable steering wheel and rims.

While it’s not quite time to exchange your awesomely geeky electric folding bike for a zippy GK2G (which is lamentably, just a concept), the Inhabiteam is drooling over visions of one day racing a fleet of solar powered go-karts.

via Yanko Design

Beaudesigns gokart GK2G beau reid

Beaudesigns go-kart GK2G reid


Beau designs kart GK2G beau reid


karting electrique Beau designs GK2G beau reid


kart electrico Beau designs gokart GK2G