Szechenyi race in Hungary





The Szechenyi Race® is a race of alternative vehicles.

The history of the Széchenyi Race® goes back until April 2006, when a small group of students of the Széchenyi István University began to organize a unique program. Identifying the great opportunities of the Research Centres and the professional potential of the youth, their aim was to create a competition, which bases on tangible, measurable design and construction work and inspires the students that are ready to make something innovative. The best solution to measure creativity and professionalism is a spectacular competition that is open for the students of any Universities and Colleges. The main concept of the program was created by taking into consideration the favourable conditions of the city Gyo"r and the Széchenyi István University, the popular engineer industry and the growing environmental problems of our age. The concept is to design and construct vehicles that are driven by alternative, environmentally friendly energy source.




1. 58, Intermotor Team SE csapat, Elektro go-kart 2.
2. 60, Intermotor Team SE csapat, Elektro go-kart 4.
3. 59, Intermotor Team SE csapat, Elektro go-kart 3.