Dreifels Lithium Power Kart Battery for TOMKART





The commercial use of rental karts is a highly demanding challenge for the vehicle and battery. A continuous driving and charging cycle must be achieved during peak hours. The LiFePO4 battery technology is a major breakthrough and offers a new level of high current discharge and fast charging capability. With the same capacity it has only ¼ of the weight and a lifetime that is 4 times higher than a lead acid battery.


For the dreifels Lithium Power Kart Battery we use the highest quality battery cells on the market and match them very closely for best performance. A high-end controller takes care of the battery and manages the charging and discharging process. The powerful, reliable and very light power battery offers 2’000 Wh capacity at a weight of less than 30 kg. The weight reduction of 40 kg compared to the lead acid battery turns the kart into a fast and easy to handle machine. Chassis, crash absorbers and drive train will be much less stressed and will therefore reach a higher lifetime. The version for tomkart (www.tomkart.com) will reach a running cost of less than 0.30 Euro per cycle.


Technical data for dreifels Lithium Power Kart Battery :
- Voltage: 51.2 V (two blocks 25.6 V each)
- Capacity: 40 Ah
- Energy content: 2'000 Wh
- Maximum Power: up to 10 kW
- Weight: 30 kg
- Charge current: up to 120 A / 20 Min
- Typical cycle usage: 10 Min driving / 10 Min charging
- Controller: ARM7 processor with data logger, display optional

Price (ex Factory Switzerland): SFr 4'288.- / 3'080 Euro (inkl. VAT)