Go kart facility opens in Redding, California, USA :


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If Need 2 Speed's gift card sales are an indication, downtown Redding is ready for indoor go-kart racing.

Need 2 Speed opens at 3 p.m. Friday in the former Dicker's building inside The Mall in downtown Redding.

Marketing Manager Julie DePrada said Tuesday that more than 500 gift cards were sold in a two-week period. The cards ranged from $5.95 (for an annual license) to about $100.

"What surprised me during the presales is how different the people were coming in," DePrada said. "We have had the Red Hat Society call us three times. They want to book a party.

"To see a lot of older people coming in is really exciting. And ladies, lots of ladies, which is a very pleasant surprise."

Friday culminates about a yearlong sprint that started with owner Boris Podtetenieff researching and buying into the indoor-racing concept. In September, the former Dicker's building was purchased by Yuba Street Holdings LLC, a partnership that includes

Podtetenieff, Redding contractor Steve Stratton and the Redding Development Group. Podtetenieff, who also owns T-Shirts Unlimited in Redding and raced at Shasta Raceway Park, is the sole owner of Need 2 Speed.

Need 2 Speed will feature more than a half-mile of racing with three track styles: mini-grand prix (junior kart racing); grand prix (adult kart racing); and super grand prix (miniand grand prix tracks combined).

The adult karts will be charged by 20-horsepower, zeroemission engines with the ability to exceed 45 miles per hour, DePrada said. Kids' karts will be capable of speeds of around 25 mph. There are 24 adult race cars and eight junior cars.

Karts will be equipped with remote controls operated by employees to reduce speeds or stop the racer, if necessary, DePrada said. Everybody who uses the facility will need a license, which costs $5.95 for the year.

The cost to race will be $20 for 14 laps, and $10 for juniors, who must be at least 8 years old and 48 inches tall.

Need 2 Speed will be open seven days a week.

  For more information, visit : www.n2skarts.com