Japan EV Festival 2005

Tsukuba circuit


Date: 03/11/05 Source: http://www.jevc.gr.jp

In Japanese EV club, festival "Japanese EV festival" of EV that the citizens oneself plans, and manages is held. Japanese EV festival brings together, exhibits EV (electric vehicle) voluntarily made up, makes it run, and is a festival of EV by the citizens who expand the possibility of EV, and discover happiness. As usual, change EV endurance race, the ERK gymkhana, and Tsukuba velocity EV championship by handmade EV are done this year. All-Japan and electric Bisou championship (figure running by ERK) that competed for the beauty of running this year was added as a new category. Moreover, the chance to think about the car, environmental problems, and the CO2 reduction such as "Power generation competition" by "CO2 exhaust amount diagnosis" in which of environment EXPO, the low-emission vehicle trial-ride fair, the ecodrive contest, and all those by the enterprise who come can participate and the bicycle dynamo has been installed. It is a festival that it is possible to think about the motorization of the 21st century by EV's touching while enjoying it.


Gymkhana tournament war by handmade ERK (electric racing car). Two courses are set up to back in the homestretch and dual gymkhana is done. Dual gymkhana of power not to understand which reaches a goal early to the last minute can be watched from the pit road. After the tournament war ends, the parade orchis is done once in the course (Participation is free).

The course of two this shape was set up in the back match at straight home this year and dual gymkhana was done. When the course setting was changed a little, and S character turn was put immediately after the start, this year became gymkhana with the spin coming out one after another and the looking bearing. In the ERK-1 class, it won by the repechage and the No33 Azumatotono school that went up won the championship splendidly. No45 MITSUBA won ERK-2 the championship. It is close, and it is running and spin of ERK because it made it watch from the pit road this year. It was able to enjoy.

On the pit road



Voice of pleasure with MITSUBA Ogiwara of Mr./Ms. who wins the championship in ERK2 class Thank you for a happy event for this time. In ERK dual ..Mitsbatem.. gymkhana, a good ..2nd place.. result was able to be left the first individual competition ..ERK2 class victory.. place. In the first round, be can hold out by the other two people, win, and settled without collapsing of externals of the supervisor of the team because having won through by the tournament though having started getting depressed because felt responsibility. ..two.. ..defeating.. suddenlyIn Tsukuba velocity EV championship, it has ended in the disappointing result due to the trouble. The accelerator wire was damaged due to maintenance shortage, the stopper loosened, the accelerator signal existed, and there was only a half. Because the problem was not brought up though it was felt that be not amusing on the way by the practice running and gymkhana, it was convinced that these kind of things. Still, the maintenance of the machine is important. An electric Bisou championship was going also to participate in two people. It used to be three people to have cleared regulations in eight people, and it is 2nd place, 3rd place, and good results. Was able to be left. I would like you to plan by all means next time because it is a very fun game.


Time trial by change EV only for racing EV (electric vehicle) at maximum speed 200 km/h or more and Sprint. Marketing EV and the fuel cell vehicle on the market class have been newly established this year. A maximum speed measurement is scheduled to be done. FK-4EV and small TEL Tomo approach last year's time "1 minutes 06 seconds 928" of EV racer "Formula EV X-01". Of course, X-01 challenges the wall of one minute.

The EV velocity championship that attracted a lot of expectations and attention this year. Ten total participated. It to seem to have been running where most cars held the trouble this year why. The vehicle where time had been put out though such a trouble was held pulled a game out of the fire. Maximum speed in each vehicle was announced, and the upsurge was shown this year. No. WEEK 2KC updates time of 1 minutes 19 seconds 650 and last year by No. KP-24h and wins the championship in the victory and change EV class 3 years in a row in the ERK class. In the EV racer class, "Small TEL Tomo" that junior high school students had assembled in junior high school student EV classroom won the championship.

Azumatotono school Car research part (WEEK 2KC ver.2.01)

Azumatotono school Car research part (Free Run)

Daihatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. volunteer team "Daihatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. challenge wagon 01"