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Date: 15/07/05 Source:

Having trained on several versions of electric kart intended for hire and having been the first in Europe to learn how to master Li-Polymer Battery technology, Green Propulsion has announced that an electric kart for professional use will soon be operational .

The Belgian company, which specializes in the study and implementation of ecological driving solutions, intends to take on the challenge of the electric karting world championship with its invention. The objective is to prove that ecological motorization technology is far from less efficient than traditional thermal technology .

We can be sure that, with the performance level declared by the promoters, this objective will be met:
Electric Kart for competition features :
Technological world first
Driving pleasure without pollution or noise
Li-polymer batteries
800 A max!
3.1 kW.h for 26 kg: 120 W.h/kg
Electronic battery management 2 DC permanent magnet motors
2 * 22 kW nominal
80 kW peak for 22 kg !
2* 400 A choppers