EV Festival 2003

Japan EV Festival 2003

Tsukuba circuit


Date article: 24/11/03  

Date: 9:00-16:30, November 24, 2003 (moon and compensatory holiday)
Place: Tsukuba circuit course 2000 Ibaraki Prefecture Yuki-gun Chiyokawa-son Muraoka-aza Nishihara Tel.0296-44-3146
Backup: The Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ibaraki Prefecture Ibaraki Prefecture Chiyokawa-son (schedule) (foundation)Energy Conservation Center, Japan
Sponsoring: Japanese EV club
Co-sponsoring: FortuneJapanese auto sportscenter

Japanese EV festival brings together, exhibits EV voluntarily made up, makes it run, and is a festival of EV by the citizens who expand the possibility of EV, and discover happiness. In this year's festival that faces the ninth times, the trial including a new idea is done. As usual a lot of handmade EV is scheduled to participate in the trial of change EV and ERK. Moreover, the chance to think about the car problem, environmental problems, and the CO2 reduction such as "CO2 exhaust amount diagnosis" in which of environment EXPO, the low-emission vehicle trial-ride fair, and all those by the enterprise who come can participate has been installed. It is thought that it wants to do to the festival that can think about the motorization of the 21st century while enjoying it by EV's touching more people.

Japan EV Festival 2003

ERK Dual Gymkhana:

War of tournament of gymkhana by handmade electric racing car (ERK). Two courses are set up to back in the homestretch of the circuit and dual gymkhana is done. ERK is maximum speed 120 km/h. 0-200m acceleration has the ability of ten seconds. Dual gymkhana of power not to understand which reaches a goal early to the last minute.

Japan ERK

ERK did dual gymkhana. It divides from the center the main straight in the Tsukuba circuit right and left, it starts, it returns to the center, and it reaches a goal. The other party descends dual here though usual gymkhana is a competition at time, and previously reaching a goal wins. It divides into a basic ERK1 class and the ERK2 class of the high-power, and, first of all, six each team trials. The team with a lot of numbers of victories can advance to the tournament. It seems to have been a pie Ron secret because it became a defeat if touching that not making a mistake won though it was thought as the point of the match how many accelerators were possible to be stepped there very scary to start aiming at the wall of the pit lane that had adhered Braccmarc. (Iwabuchi)

Gymkhana table Japanese ERK
The team with a lot of numbers of victories advances it to this tournament war by six all car trials.

Gymkhana ERK 1 Gymkhana ERK 2
It is the power full marks because it watches from a usual pit road.

Gymkhana ERK 3Gymkhana ERK 4Gymkhana ERK 5
It divides into two groups from the starting point into the final corner and one corner side, it starts, and it returns.

ZEK-02 Demonstration:

The demonstration running of eight crossing (character of eight) was done at the time immediately before the championship of the velocity by two ZEK-02 that was ERK at the velocity. This ZEK-02 is a wagon that has power very much equipped with the nickel metal-hydride battery. Especially, a blue specification has power too much if it is not a racing driver and is not touched. It runs through from the final corner in a straight home by opening completely after it dances (chase?), and the tension to the velocity championship has been improved to the character of eight with two at a dash. (Iwabuchi).

Gymkhana ZEK02Gymkhana ZEK-02