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Electrical Storm “A form of motor sport with renewable energy sources"

Date article: 17/07/03  

Electric- powered karts could be seen on British circuits as early as 2004/5, if an ambitious plan reaches fruition. Two electric karts were demonstrated by Ross Curnow and Euan Alers-Hankey during the lunch break at Sunday’s stars of Tomorrow meeting at Warden Law. Series organisers are now talking to the promoters about running a championship for the machines next year.
Green Motor Sport Pilot

Stars of Tomorrow owner Carolynn Hoy admitted she was very interested at the prospect.
Green Motorsport pilot

“The drivers say they are fantastic,” she said. “we are considering it as an option. I think it would produce some very good racing.”

The karts, which currently cost in the region of £5,000, have more than 50 bhp and can achieve a 0-60mph time of less than four seconds. They are considerably heavier than a standard kart, but this is expected to reduce when a further model is built later in 2003.
Green Motorsport with BP

The karts are virtually silent and be charged up from solar cells in approximately half an hour, giving around that amount of track time.

Gordon Foat from Green Motorsport says the association with stars of tomorrow is designed to spark interest in the concept. “Many people have not seen these karts before,“ he said. “The price is likely to reduce by the time a series is introduced because at present each kart is built by hand at the moment. My aim is to have a form of motorsport the uses renewable energy sources exclusively.”

It has been proposed that solar cells could be mounted to the roof of the Stars of Tomorrow tour truck, to provide charging points for batteries.

MSA chief executive Colin Hilton was also present to see the demonstration.