Urban EV Sports

Urban EV ..[.. sports Demonstration ]

Bay redevelopment area (Odaiba)


Date article: 24/05/03  

ZEK-02 ZEK 02

The part of the morning did the demonstration depending on ZEK-02 and the EV midget. The content of the demonstration is a dual gymkhana and electricity plays soccer of playing in Japanese EV festival (Oiso) in 2001. . In electric soccer, two ZEK?02 is the one to roll the ball as big as the soccer ball to tell the truth, it is tidy of the game as for a concrete content though roughly decided until this day. It enjoys creating the rule of the game or here is important in urban EV sports. There is the enjoyment created for myself because it is unexampled, new sports. Moreover, to what game do it make, and to what rule do it make it?The talent is tested very much (play). In the ball game, the opinion that the one with the speed feeling and the one for the goal to compete in one two team seemed to be happy came out. Moreover, if it was a ball game, it was able to be confirmed that the performance of the motor and the battery ended in hurry, too it was able to enjoy not so using the battery on the first, and running, bending, and a basic driving technique of stopping were tested.

EV demonstration

The watch fire is burnt, and, up to now, the night session that the light of the spotlight began to shine on EV in the dark has become motor sports that no one has seen. Especially, it is "8 cross" (run of the character of eight) by two ZEK-02 that lights the light, and formulae EV. The solo dance by X-01 did the synchronized well as the harmony drum, the samisen, and the percussion of BGM, was born a fantastic space, and obtained serious popular.

ZEK Demonstration at night