Sandown Park Record

Date article: 30/04/01 Source:

On the 30th of April 2001 Gravitron were invited to Sandown Park kart circuit to carry out testing on their G60 electric race kart. Two karts were taken to the track, one of which was driven by Oliver ‘Olly’ Welton, currently lying 3rd in the British Clubman MSA Endurance Championship.

Oliver Welton, who is also double vice champion in TKM and endurance, was the main test driver on the day. He clocked a 45.1 sec. lap, breaking the current pro kart lap record on his first outing by just over 1 second.

Asked for his response Oliver said:

”This is the first time I have driven an electric kart and I’m very impressed. The style of driving is different from a petrol kart, it has a surprising amount of power and torque. I’m looking forward to racing it now and trying to get a win first time out. There are real advantages to this kart because you don’t need to re-build it every 8 hours and with re-charging costing only pennies I can’t understand why electric kart racing has not kicked off in England. It really is the way of the future and there is definitely a big potential here.